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I had the opportunity to go and visit Atlas Gym in Dayton TN.  I wanted to take a tour and see first hand all of the amenities it had to offer. From personal experience, I know that finding a gym can be daunting task and to put it frankly a terrifying experience.

My experience with Atlas Gym was nothing but pleasant. The owner, John Vaughn, was very nice and incredibly helpful whenever I asked questions. Since opening in 2004, the he has worked hard to improve the gym space and provide as many amenities for his clients as possible. Not only was the gym clean and professional looking, I found the environment to be very positive.

  Atlas Gym offers a plethora of classes ranging from Zumba to Boot Camp. They also have a space for racquetball and wall ball. I didn’t know what exactly those two things were, but I was very excited about the opportunity to try them. Jeff is a personal trainer that helps clients with personal fitness goals. That was encouraging, seeing as starting at a new gym is just plain confusing sometimes.

  The equipment was in good condition; you will be able to perform any exercise imaginable in the weight room. Oh did I mention it was open 24 hours? Yeah, all of you introverted lifters out there can go get gains at 3am. What a time to be alive.

  The locker rooms were well kept and clean. Ok, I can’t speak for the men’s locker room, I wasn’t allowed in there. I’m all about doing things for the sake of research, but that would’ve been weird.  However, I discovered that there was a sauna in the women’s locker room…I repeat, a sauna just sitting there casually. My heart melted with excitement at that sight I assure you.

Atlas Gym’s clientele seemed to have a reputation for being, “hardcore athletes” which can be off putting to beginners. But I would argue that anyone could find an activity for any fitness level there. I also respect John’s desire to build community within the gym. The people at Atlas really care about their members. The Gym itself is constantly in a state of improvement, since John told me about a few upcoming expansions that will surely be loved by all of its members.

Over all Atlas Gym is a great place to get involved in a fitness community. John Vaughn’s love for the pursuit of fitness is apparent in the way he runs the gym. The t-shirts are really cool and they have other products for sale. This facility can fulfill any fitness need imaginable.

So if you are on the fence about joining a local gym in Dayton, have no fear. Stop by Atlas Gym and look around. You won’t regret it, and you might even find it is a perfect fit for you.

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